Friday, May 14, 2010

Update + Sneak Peek

Wow! Things have been very busy for the both of us! We are in the process of editing ohhh so many pictures from the Scheidt wedding. Michael also had a last minute engagement shoot with good friends Corinne and Mike yesterday. He sent some photos over to me this morning, and I have been having way too much fun editing them. I can't wait to see the rest!

In addition to photography fun, we have many exciting things to look forward to this summer! I (Juliet) recently got a visual display internship at Anthropologie for the summer. I am so honored and excited that God blessed me with this awesome opportunity! Michael's life is also taking an exciting turn. His band is going a few tours this summer + their EP came out today on itunes! To pick up a copy of their music click here. I can honestly say their music is just incredible. These boys have so much in store for them, i'm excited to see where they go!

Oh yes! & here is a sneak peek of Corinne and Mikes engagement shoot.


have a lovely day!

- Blue Kite Photo

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  1. Gorgeous capture of Corrinne's Beautiful eyes!!!! Can't wait to see more!